Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion

Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion

Help enhance access, opportunity, and hope by supporting our underrepresented students and diversity and inclusion initiatives. Here at UMW we understand the importance of having access to a quality education. Unfortunately this access has never been more challenging for some of the country’s most underrepresented groups: rural, low-income, racial and ethnic minorities, and first-generation college students. Too many students are facing a financial reality that may close the door on their potential.

As a tenet of our ASPIRE community values, UMW is committed to inclusive excellence through equitable access to opportunities and the resources necessary for success.  Your gift supporting any of the mentioned below initiatives can help open the doors to their future.

To help support diversity and inclusion at UMW, please choose one of the three following areas to designate your gift:

1. The Scholarship for Building Civic and Social Leaders will promote the development of leadership skills for students committed to addressing societal issues disproportionately affecting black and underrepresented communities.

2. For three decades, the James Farmer Multicultural Center  has been working to further Dr. Farmer’s legacy of social change, inspiring students to activism on campus and beyond. Your support is needed to help the Center continue its essential work promoting equity, inclusion, and celebration of cultural diversity. Your gift today will directly support the following programs, expanding their impact on UMW students and their broader communities:

  • RISE Peer Mentoring: Easing the college transition for underrepresented students  
  • Social Justice and Leadership Summit: Educating and empowering students to apply principles of leadership and activism  
  • Social Justice Fall Break Trip: Inspiring students through study of the Civil Rights Movement  
  • Diversity Peer Education: Equipping students to educate peers on issues related to diversity and inclusion

3. First-in-Family Fund: One of the greatest unmet needs for under-served and underrepresented students is financial assistance for purchasing supplies such as textbooks, online resources that work in tandem with the textbook, and other materials needed for classes. The average college student spends $800 to $1,000 per year on textbooks, and this figure is often a hurdle for students served by our programs.  Your gift to the First-in-Family Fund will help those first-generation students who need various support systems to continue their education. 

The University of Mary Washington is committed to addressing the injustices of systemic racism and continuing the legacy of UMW professor, civil rights pioneer, and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Dr. James L. Farmer, Jr., who said: “Words are not enough. There must be action.”

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