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Thank you for choosing to support our swimming teams during the UMW Athletics #CallingAllEagles Challenge! 

Mary Washington Swimming always strives to provide our swimmers with the best student-athlete experience possible! First, we want them to get the best education possible, and believe swimming is the best way to teach through sport. Secondly, we will do everything possible to help our swimmers be the best they can be in and out of the pool. Lastly, swimming at UMW provides countless opportunities for learning and growth through all of the student-athlete experiences each day with teammates, coaches, and competitors, and is an invaluable part of their UMW education.

Our teams won their 50th straight, and 56th overall, combined conference titles this year, and are regularly ranked in the top-25 teams in the country! This year the Eagles have 60 awesome swimmers on our roster! 

Our biggest need for fundraising is new training equipment that will help us better utilize the limited space we have in our facility. We are looking to purchase new resistance training racks and towers so that each lane is equipped with one rack or tower at each end of the pool.

Our next greatest need is for travel expenses. In the spirit of wanting to provide our athletes the best championship experience possible, we want every swimmer to have their own bed at our conference championship (that requires a lot of hotel rooms for 60 swimmers). We also want to be able to provide nutritious meals that fuel them at a championship level. This allows our swimmers to focus on doing what they do best, swimming fast! 

In addition, this year particularly, we want to provide each swimmer on our team with a swimming parka. Our swimmers will be arriving to practice and leaving from practice in their swimsuits due to locker room restrictions brought on by COVID-19. We want to make sure they are staying as warm as possible and parkas will go a long way in helping us keep them comfortable. 

Thank you so much for your support of UMW Swimming!


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