Answer the SOS and "Support our Students"

Support our Students In Need

Some students, experiencing the financial crisis of a personal or family job loss, urgently need assistance with basic elements of survival, including food, housing, travel, academic resources, and personal care. The global COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for assistance. The stress of these circumstances can have a significant impact on students’ mental and physical health, as well as their ability to concentrate on classwork. By helping meet their immediate needs, the Support Our Students Fund can give students the ability to overcome these difficult situations, allowing them to devote their energies to their education.

Examples of how this fund helps our students include the following:

  • direct support to purchase food and daily essentials
  • material resources that support academic success
  • crisis-related travel
  • housing and utility assistance
  • medicine and health care

The Support Our Students Fund focuses on true basic care, crisis support, academic resources, and financial emergencies.

This fund will be administered by staff to nimbly and quickly provide much-needed financial assistance to our students.


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