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Bridge the Digital Divide

Support University of Mary Washington

Provide access to technology.

While on campus, the disparities between students’ access to learning tools and technologies are masked through the University’s resources. The swift transition from on-campus instruction to remote learning has magnified the digital divide between those students who have access to virtual learning opportunities and those who may be left behind. 

Some students do not have reliable internet access or even a basic laptop to complete classwork and assignments.  It is estimated that between 10 - 15% of our students do not have their own computer, and between 10 - 20% do not have reliable internet access at home. 

Others are literally forced to write papers and complete projects on their phones because it is the most versatile technology to purchase. These challenges are barriers for our students to complete their best work and experience the full benefit of a Mary Washington education.

Your gift to the Technology Assistance Fund helps eliminate the gap in access for students, equalizing their opportunity to perform at their highest potential.  The fund may assist students through a number of solutions, including the following:

  • internet access for remote students
  • personal wifi or hotspots to ensure consistent internet access for coursework
  • the student laptop loan program.

We estimate that approximately 120 students enrolled in summer classes will have needs related to reliable internet or computer access. Gifts supporting our Technology Assistance Fund will make it possible for these students to successfully finish their course material.

Although our community is currently dispersed, we stand strong together as #OneUMW. Thank you for your continued encouragement and support of our students.

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