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Your gift to our General Scholarship Fund will enable the University to make an outstanding liberal arts and sciences education affordable for more bright, hard-working and motivated students with critical needs, unforeseen financial challenges or crisis.

The General Scholarship fund is designed to help students who have exhausted other options. Your support will help us meet their need!

You may also designate your gift to a particular scholarship by selecting "Other" on the giving form.

"Affording college has been a concern for my family and me, and working a full-time job with a full course load is undoable. That is why scholarships like these help so much; they allow me to focus on learning during these crucial college years and lessen the financial stress. I have also been able to take part-time jobs in the past with the Historic Preservation Department and some local museums, which helps put my learning into practice."--Scholarship Recipient

"Because of this scholarship, I can pay for my fall and spring semester tuition and fees. As a student who is paying for his college education mostly by himself, your support allows me to stress less and give my academics my full attention without the worry of how I will pay for the next year.

You have made it possible for me to continue to have academic success at UMW and make the most of the opportunities available to me. And those opportunities are really fantastic. I have found that time and time again that the professors here really care about their students’ success. I have gained guidance and feel like UMW is molding me to be a change-maker in the world."-- Scholarship Recipient

"Thank you again for helping make it possible!"

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